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War Robots update 4.5. Change in the economy

Recall the release of update 4.5 for War Robots was held today (November 27th). This update has brought many interesting innovations, most notably a change in the economy. What is new and interesting awaits players in connection with this change?

Changes in the economy with the release of update 4.5 for WR

The main change will affect the newcomers, or rather the system of training new players. Due to the large number of different types of weapons and other equipment, the developers decided to radically change the training system, as well as the price for the purchase of robots:

  • Introduction (from 1 to 7 level)

Starting from the first level to 7, players get a lot of useful skills: aiming and shooting, maneuvering, successfully using shelters, as well as in practice will know the difference between kinetic, energy and rocket guns.

  • The main part (from 8 to 13 level)

At these levels, the player learns a lot of new and interesting things about robots. He will find really reliable and useful robots for himself, as well as find out what equipment is

  • The final part (from 14 to 20 level)

By the beginning of level 14, the player had already completely figured out the basics of technology, now the time has come for tactics and strategies. The basic principles are expanded with new features.

Important! If earlier players could get acquainted with the Workshop already at the 12th level, now it will be available only at 21. This innovation is connected with the player’s banal unpreparedness for such a step.

To download update 4.5 you just need to follow this link.

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