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War Robots 5.8.0. Test server. What’s new?

With the release War Robots 5.7.0 version, the gameplay and the “appearance” of the game have significantly improved. Manufacturers accelerated the process of the game, in addition, somewhat changed certain points in the game, for example, added new shadows and lighting on the maps. If you have a powerful device, you are sure to pay attention to such changes. And this is just the beginning, developers say. Everything new is yet to come.

War Robots 5.8.0. What’s new?

Let’s start with the important – release date. The release date for Update 5.8.0 for War Robots is scheduled for late February. The exact date is not yet known, but it is worth assuming that this will happen on February 25th or 27th. Follow the news as soon as we become aware of something, we will immediately inform you.

Regarding innovations:

Update War Robots 5.8.0 is one of the largest and most important. One of these reasons is the new platform for the game. The developers of War Robots decided to unite players from different platforms in battle. Thus, on the battlefield you can meet players from platforms: iOS, Android and Amazon and play along with them. Great, isn’t it?

The battle of players from three different platforms is the first phase from the developers, the second phase will take place by the end of 2020 and involves the interaction of players outside the battlefield. At the moment, developers are actively preparing to eliminate all the bugs and errors that may appear after combining the platforms.

Important! If you have equipment you purchased before July 5, 2018, you urgently need to use it and get rid of the “old economy”, because after the release of version 5.8.0, developers will no longer support sets of such items. The reason for this is the combination of platforms and the additional load on the server.

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