War Robots 5.5.0. What’s new? Download update

Hello captains! We are pleased to announce the release of a new version of War Robots. The current version of the game for today is 5.5.0. A new weapon, a new pilot, and even a new event – all this awaits you in version 5.5.0 of War Robots 6v6 Tactical Multiplayer Battles. Well, now about everything in more detail.

War Robots 5.5.0 what’s new?

  • New Halloween Event

In October, captains can enjoy a new event called Halloween. In this event, players expect a lot of new and interesting things. For example, the new weapons of Cryo, Glacier and Rime. Also, players can get the legendary pilot Thomas Mindread (robot: Leech). All you need is to complete daily tasks, receive tokens and open Special deliveries with valuable trophies. As a result, you can get a lot of valuable prizes, including new weapons and a pilot.

  • Updated Maps

The robot for the release of the Titans is actively advancing. So that new giants would not get stuck in locations, developers began to change the geometry on some maps.

  • New active module:

The new module is called Shieldbreaker. While the module is active, your robot’s weapons will ignore any energy shields. Does not affect the strength of enemy shields

  • New pilot

Performing all the tasks and missions in the new Halloween event, as a reward you can get a new, legendary pilot called Thomas Mindread. Thomas is a Leech robot pilot.

  • New weapons:

Three new weapons at once: Cryo, Glacier and Rime. These weapons are rocket launchers. Their special ability is to freeze enemy robots. Only a few hits and the enemy robot will dramatically lose movement speed, in addition, the armor level will decrease significantly. Thus, the robot will receive significantly more damage.

You can download the new update right here in the Download section.

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