War Robots 5.4.0. What’s new? Download update

Commanders, we have great news for you – the update is released under version 5.4.0 for War Robots. An update that you have been expecting for a long time. New robots, new events, a new map and much more – all this awaits you in patch 5.4.0 for War Robots. Well, about everything in more detail.

What’s New in Update 5.4.0 for War Robots

  • New LEECH Robot

the new version of the game, you will find a novelty: a robot called LEECH. LEECH is an attacking robot with 4 middle slots. It is worth noting one extremely important and completely unexpected feature of this robot: its effect on other robots. The fact is that as soon as your opponent inflicts damage on you, you can redirect him to your opponent. That is, the more the enemy inflicts damage on you, the more he damages himself, since you can redirect damage. Not bad, is not it.

  • New event

Meet the new event called YAN-DI SHOWDOWN. In this event, for the successful completion of daily tasks, you can get new robots and even exclusive equipment.

  • New map

Now a new map will appear in the game, in a limited arena. The map is intended for battle in the 1×1 format

  • Various optimization settings
  • Minor bug fixes

You can download the new update right now in the special department Download


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