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War Robots 5.3.0. What’s new? Download update


We are pleased to announce the release of the long-awaited update. Update 5.3.0 for War Robots has already been released. For more than a month, developers have been preparing for the release and testing a new update to surprise and please their players. And finally this day has come. Right now you can download the update 5.3.0 and independently test all the innovations and changes of this version of the game.

What is new in War Robots 5.3.0?

  • Operations. New game mechanics

Operations are a new way to get items. For each match you will receive the experience of Operations, with its help you can open new levels of operations with rewards. The first Operation is called “The Coming Storm” and will last about 2 months. While this Operation will be active, you can get new legendary pilots.

download War Robots 5.3.0

The new pilot will be Adam Oliri. Adam is a former professional soldier who did not really like to follow orders, which is why he just took and stopped following all the instructions and obeying someone else’s orders. Another pilot will be Sigrum Valka – vowed to protect those in need and find those responsible for the death of her sister. Maybe you will help her with this :).

In addition, two exclusive Griffin versions await you: Scavenger Griffin and Deathwing Ao Jun. It is worth recalling that Operations give you even more resources, parts, as well as painting for Overseer Blitz, Ao Guang and other robots. By the way, now all paints can be freely transferred from one robot to another.

You will receive all rewards from the top line of Operations for free. To open the bottom gold line with additional rewards, you can purchase a Season Pass. Do it at any time and get all the rewards from the current level of Operations. And also a premium subscription now increases the amount of experience Operations that you receive.

  • Summer rebalance of equipment

In this update, developers are revising weapons with sustained and instantaneous damage to further emphasize their difference.

And this is not all the changes and innovations of this patch. See the video below for more details on patch 5.3.0.

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