War Robots 4.7. What’s new?

Pilots, hello! We have great news for you: next week, the WR developers have prepared a new update for you. Get ready for version 4.7.

What is new war robots 4.7?

  • New Event Lunar New Year 2019
  • New robots: Ao Jun, Ao Guang, Ao Qin ✅
  • New features of robots ✅
  • New Dragon Robots ✅
  • Bugs fixed ✅

This update will be the first this year, so the developers tried to prepare it special and they succeeded. In this patch you will find a lot of everything new and very interesting.

At the moment, the test battles of these robots are actively being conducted on the test server. As for the release date of the update for players, the exact date is not yet known, around the end of January, January 31st. As soon as we know the release date of the patch, we will immediately inform you. Follow the news and see new meetings.

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      Good But why do not make the Ao Quin more powerful it is like one of the easiest robots in the game to kill here is what to do give it a stronger ability damage by 40% then make it 30% faster then a stealth for half the time this will make it a balanced robot thanks and have a great day.

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