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War Robots 4.6. Modules return

Many War Robots players have long known, or at least heard about the so-called “modules”. For those who do not know about it, we explain: modules are a type of secondary equipment that can provide all sorts of useful effects to your robots, thus your game experience will be enriched.

With regards to the modules, the developers began to address this issue in the spring, in order to add this element to the game in the summer. But after a series of tests, many problems and errors related to the modules were found, so the developers postponed the idea of adding modules to the game for some time.

After some time and after careful analysis of previous errors, it was decided to resume work on adding modules to the game. In the update, 4.6 War Robots officially adds a new element to the game – modules but taking into account all previous errors and difficulties.


How modules will work in War Robots 4.6

  • First, a gradual acquaintance with the new mechanics

One of the reasons for the difficulties with the modules is the unavailability of players. More precisely, they are not informed. Previously, players added a new module with effects at the same time, and players could not fully learn how to use them with the right tactics and strategy. Now the developers decided to act completely differently.

Adding a module with new effects will “stretch” into several updates so that players could gradually become familiar with the innovations.

  • Modules concept changes

To make it easier for the player to navigate the system of the modules, the developers have removed a lot of unnecessary and incomprehensible. For example, now there will be only 2 types of modules: active and passive. There will also be no resistance from damage to other robots.

  • A simplified system for obtaining modules

The system for getting robots will become much more accessible. You will learn more about the modules already with the release of version 4.6 update for War Robots, which will be held in late December.

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