War Robots 4.3 on the test server

Undoubtedly, the main feature of update 4.3 for War Robots is the suppression function, which will appear in the new patch. Suppression will only be available with the new robots: Invader, Blitz and Rayker. What is repression?

What is “suppression” and new robots in version 4.3 for War Robots?

If your opponent is fighting on a robot with a powerful fire damage, then you have almost no chance to defeat it, but in the update 4.3 the chances will appear. The fact in opposition to robots with a powerful damage, developers have implemented a new system called suppression.

The essence of the suppression is simple: seeing the enemy your task will approach him as close as possible and release the effect of suppression. The suppression function allows you to mute the enemy’s firepower, so he will become almost unarmed, he will not be able to attack.

As for new robots, they are just a special. All three robots have a new function of suppression, but they apply it in different ways. You can try these robots and choose for yourself the most convenient and effective option.

The release of the new update is likely to take place on September 25th, but for now you have a great opportunity to take part in the test server and right now will get acquainted with the new update closer. The test server is open every weekend. You can take part in testing the earlier version of the game by clicking on this link.

Video review of new robots in the game War Robots

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