War Robots 4.3. New robots Invader, Blitz and Rayker

Developers War Robots continue to upgrade and improve their robots. As you managed to notice with each new update, game mechanics change and new opportunities for robots are added. Update 4.3 is no exception.

New robots in War Robots 4.3

In the new update in the game to appear three new robots with a completely new style of battle. Meet: Invader, Blitz and Rayker. What is their specialty you ask? These are new robots for new tactics.

The fact is that nowadays the popular style of the battle was to inflict instantly great damage on the enemy. Many players use this tactic and consider it is the best. In update 4.3 for War Robots, tactics appear to be radically opposite to this one. We mean new tactics of suppression.

What means tactic of suppression in War Robots?

Thanks to this effect, you can put down on your enemy and he can no longer inflict damage on you or your team (of course, the effect is temporary). That is, having the effect of suppression, your task is to find the right moment and to apply this effect to the enemy, once the enemy falls under this effect, he can no longer inflict great damage on you. In a word, the enemy’s possibilities for attack will be suppressed.

Using this advantage, you can easily neutralize your enemy.

All three new robots: Invader, Blitz and Rayker have this tactic, but still they have a different approach to applying it

  • Invader

This robot has a unique tactic of applying the effect of “suppression”. You just imagine, this robot is very maneuverable, fast, but most importantly “jumping”. Having made a successful jump you can successfully land on the head of your enemy.

But not only if you successfully pick up the moment, you will be able to land in the place where there are several robotic opponents, but the effect of suppression will hit all the robots immediately falling under the zone of defeat. Thus, you can give advantages to your team.

  • Blitz

As for this robot, it is radically different from the previous one. Blitz will not be able to hit several targets (more precisely, it will be extremely difficult for him). Blitz is more focused on single combat.

  • Rayker

The battle tactics for Rayker are different from the previous ones. First, Rayker is fighting at medium range. So you can find a secluded place and do not take any chances. Secondly, Rayker shoots a special beam for long range.

Which robot is better, you can only choose.

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