War Robots 4.2. Test server

Already today, we have become aware of new details about the upcoming update 4.2 for War Robots. On the test server was published changes and innovations that will be available to players immediately after the official release of the version game 4.2.

What can await players in the update War Robots 4.2?

  • New weapons Halo, Corona and Glory

There will be three new energy guns: Halo, Corona and Glory. Halo – light, Corona – medium and Glory respectively heavy. What is the feature of this weapon you ask? They have a unique ability to immobilize the enemy, besides they have wide angles of defeat.

Immediately want to clarify the fact that the game already has a similar weapon, we means Shredder and Pulsar. In the current update, this weapon has become a real sensation. The main question arises: Is there any difference between the current weapons and the upcoming one?

Our answer, yes! As you already know Shredder and Pulsar have the ability to immobilize the enemy, but the damage that can do this weapon will be minimal for the enemy. A small loss – a pay for their unique abilities. As for Halo, Corona and Glory, the situation here is the same, but with a slight difference.

Halo, Corona and Glory are designed for mass destruction of enemies, that is, with one shot, you can immobilize several robots of opponents right away, while your team will kill enemies. But, as you understand for such a shot, your enemies must be in place, which is naturally very dangerous for you. Thus shooting at Halo, Corona and Glory will be in force not to everyone, but to a real daredevil and the real hero of team.

P.S. According to the developers Halo, Corona and Glory – this is still the latest weapons from such opportunities. What will happen next is unknown.

  • Weapon Shocktrain

Shocktrain is a unique weapon, for some, it’s the most beloved, for others it’s one of the worst. In Patch 4.2 developers want to make the first changes in the characteristics of this weapon. In the future, these weapons will be subject to change and more than once, until the developers will not find the best solution to the situation for the players. The main goal in balance this weapon – it must get good results but do not give players obvious advantages over another type of weapon.

  • Updated map Castle

In the future update for War Robots players will have a redesigned map called Castle. What will change in it? There are new shelters, new landing places for long jumps, the structure of the bridge has changed and that’s not all.

How to become a member of the War Robots test server?

If you are a fan of the War Robots game, you naturally want to participate in the test version of the previous update. On the test server, you will be the first to get acquainted with the innovations and changes in the upcoming version. Here you can practice before a real battle.

But the question arises: how to participate in the test version of the patch? Everyone can become a member of the test server, the only restriction that exists here is time. Because of a large number of applicants, developers give access to testing only in limited time, namely on weekends. In addition, and on weekends the schedule of the server is not constant. Developers open access to their server only on weekends and at a certain time (just a few hours).

To know in advance the time when the server will be available, follow the news on our site.

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