War Robots 3.9. New modules

The game War Robots thrives and with each new update more and more improved and modern. At the moment, developers are actively engaged in the opportunity to bring War Robots to a new stage – e-sports, so as we see in the future the game will only improve and flourish. What is at the moment?

For now, we know that in a new patch, a function like modules will appear. We will talk about them more detail today. What are modules? Modules are a new kind of secondary equipment. Modules provide interesting effects and opportunities for your robots to provide you with a new style of play with new and interesting abilities.

Features of modules in War Robots

Modules do not optimize the game, they provide new additional features. For example, want to restore yourself when you are walking? Or make the enemies less nervous? How about increasing your potential from stronger enemies? For all these needs modules.

Important! Select modules are thought out, because you can not install several modules at a time, only one.

How are the modules balanced?

There are three types of modules:

  • protective
  • special
  • attack

The system of work of modules is extremely time-consuming, so the developers will need some time to run all the modules. With each new update of the author will add some new modules.

Attack module

How do you think what changes this module? Through each amount of damage inflicted, the player will be able to receive so-called bonuses. Use these bonuses you can in one direction – for a few seconds to immobilize the enemy. It means, thanks to this module you will be able to “freeze” your enemy and while he is in this state you will be able to destroy him.

Another possibility of the attack module is team play. During the battle find a few of your allies, your team members and approach them closer, it is just as important that the robots of the enemy team are near you, then activate this module and it will make all enemies nearer weaker thanks to the energy field, so you can destroy them.

The death tag is another feature of the attack module. If you inflict damage on a particular robot, then on him will be left some sign. It is the called mark of death.

Security module

This module is active. It is used simply and effectively. If your HP is ending, but there are many opponents, you urgently need to multiply the forces. To do this, find a secluded place, so that the enemy does not find you and begin to recover. If the enemy finds you and shoots, the restoration will be interrupted.

Special modules

Spy Mode. This mode is provided only to those players who have fought and did not receive any damage. Such players will have the opportunity to be spies for the enemies. How exactly? It’s simple. You will change your color and for enemies, you will be like an ally, they will not be able to destroy you or cause damage.

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