Download Update 5.1. War Robots Pilots

Update 5.1. War Robots Pilots

Commanders! We inform you the latest and latest news regarding future updates. And so we recall, literally, the anniversary of the official release of War Robots, namely 5 years on the Internet, will take place. Especially for this important event, developers have prepared no less important and fundamental changes in the game. We are talking about the pilots.

Suddenly, right? With the release of the 5.1 version of the game, War Robots adds one important and radically changing game element to War Robots Pilots / Pilots. What will change with the upcoming update?

War Robots 5.1. The Pilots

All important things are simple. When you make your way along the slopes and rocks, when you are broken and there is no strength to rise, when the defeat has actually come – only one thing on the ground makes you move on. It makes you rise again and again. Makes not lose hope, and fight to the last forces. Ask what is it? We answer – Pilots.

In the new update on the players expects a whole team of pilots. Pilots who change the gameplay of War Robots. Ready? Then let’s go. Meet as many as 5 commanders and pilots of your combat vehicles, these pilots not only have their own secret features, but also give them robots and their weapons. Interesting?

Another important feature of pilots is experience. When a pilot fights his experience grows. With each new level, pilot skills grow and improve. As soon as the pilot masters the skill, his rank increases, and new skills are added.

Pilots are divided into two classes: ordinary and legendary. As soon as you upgrade your pilot, you will receive additional information about him and the world where they grew up.

2142 year on Earth there is nothing, only the battlefield of 5 militant corporations. This is only the beginning of the story, everything is interesting with the release of the new version. Expect …

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