Update 5.1.0 for War Robots

Attention! Attention! On May 28, the developers of War Robots released a new update under version 5.1.0. In this update, players will be able to enjoy new additions and long-awaited changes. Finally, the pilots appeared and this is not all new items. More details on the list below.

What’s new in War Robots 5.1.0?

  • The pilots

Perhaps every player of War Robots has long heard and looked forward to the appearance of Pilots in the game. It finally happened. Starting from version 5.1.0, Pilots appeared in the game, besides, you will receive the first pilot absolutely free of charge and will be able to teach you the corresponding skills. Each pilot is special and has its own history and legend.

The first gift pilot will be Nicholas Marita, the private. If after training you want to change the skills of this pilot, you will have such an opportunity. All you need is to find the “retraining” function. Important! In retraining, a pilot may receive an occasional skill in return for what he has already learned.

  • New module

With the release of the new version, players will have three new modules: two active and one passive. The passive module has the name “anti-control”. Thanks to this module you can protect yourself from blocking and suppression. The new active module is a repair expansion unit, thanks to the emu you can fix your car faster.

Another active module is called “death mark”. This module allows you to mark the enemy for your allies. Seeing such a label, your teammates will be able to deliver stronger blows to this opponent.

  • Interface improvements

New profile and screens after the battle, as well as advanced options for indicating status effects

Video Review of Update 5.1.0 for War Robots

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