Update 4.5 for War Robots. What’s new?

Pilots! Update version 4.5 of War Robots is now available for download. In the meantime, we will try to get you acquainted with all the new items that are coming in this patch.

What is new war robots in 4.5?

  • New robots

As always replenishment in technology. Meet three new robots: Nemesis, Hades and Ares, each of which has different combat characteristics. For example, Nemesis is slow, heavy, but famous for its invulnerability. Hades – is distinguished by its balance, this type of technology is convenient in almost everything. Well, the last robot was Ares. This type of equipment is famous for high speed, maneuverability, but unfortunately, it is very vulnerable.

  • Parts conversion

Details of one type can now be converted. For example, robots in robots, weapons in weapons, etc. The difference in a conversion from the workshop in speed. As a rule, the conversion takes place instantly, but as you yourself understand it is not free. For any such action will need to pay silver.

  • Changes in the economy

You can find out more about the fundamental changes in the economy here.

  • ┬áTrident has new features

For the shot, this weapon uses single rockets, and a preload method like the Orkan

  • Improved mode selection system
  • Some bugs fixed
  • Much more

Video Review of Update 4.5 for War Robots

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