Update 4.4 for War Robots

Attention to all pilots! Today, October 22nd, a new update for War Robots has been released. Meet War Robots 4.4. This update is primarily timed to an interesting event, or rather a holiday, which many countries celebrate on October 31st. As you may have guessed, this is a mystical Halloween.

Mysticism is the key word here, because now War Robots will change, though for a while. Experience a new event, have fun and get nice rewards. What could be more interesting?

What new in War Robots 4.4?

  • New Halloween Event. Happy hunting, pilots!
  • The game will have a new mechanic called corrosive damage. Even by name, you can guess what the power of this damage.
  • Try out the new weapons Sting, Viper and Wasp. Now the enemies will be hard to play with you
  • Added Castle map. You can learn more about this map and its features here.
  • Many robots can get special colors for the holiday. Take advantage of the moment.
  • The game has become more optimized.
  • Minor fixes


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