Update 4.3 for War Robots

Friends! We are happy to announce that on September 26th, developers officially released a new patch for War Robots. The new version of the game is 4.3. New game mechanics, new robots, a new weapon interface, and also change in the balance – all this awaits you in patch 4.3 for the War Robots. Well, about everything in more detail.

War Robots 4.3 changes

  • The game has three new robots: Rayker, Blitz and Invader. All three robots have a new technique of fighting – suppression. More details about this you can find here.
  • The new mechanics of the game are suppression. Strike your opponent with a new effect and you can suppress his attack and temporarily absorb the power of the blow.
  • A new weapon interface has appeared. Now it will be much easier to find the right weapon due to the convenient sorting and description.
  • The appearance of the equipment has changed: Punisher, Orkan, Thunder
  • New coloring for Mender, Weyland, Bulwark, Strider and Raven
  • Rebalancing robots and weapons. This means that the developers have significantly improved the characteristics and parameters of most robots and weapons. For example, the speed and power of machinery has increased.
  • Added various optimization settings
  • Fixed some minor bugs


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