Update 4.1.1 for War Robots

Hello! As you already know, the developers have released a new patch War Robots under version 4.1.1. This update brought a lot of useful and very exciting innovations for the game. For example, weapons of a new type of combat, altered old technology, weapon rebalancing and so on.

What’s new in War Robots 4.1.1?

  • As we wrote earlier in the game a new type of weapon was added: SHREDDER and PULSAR. This weapon has
  • unique capabilities – freezing the enemy, or rather, by immobilizing it.
  • Robot Leo got a new design
  • The robot Kang Dae will now have a quick recharge
  • Fixed a bug in robots, Taran and Redeemer. Now their hit will be more accurate
  • If the armor of Weyland has exhausted its resources, the robot will receive damage in the attack
  • Improved game optimization
  • Some bugs fixed


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