Update 3.8 for War Robots

Friends! We have another update for one of the best shooter games – War Robots. The latest version of the game 3.8.

What’s in New War Robots 3.8?

  • There was a new map called Carrrier. This map is in the form of a ship. Important! Be careful not to fall overboard the ship.
  • There was a new robot. This robot has one advantage – a double jump. Thanks to this advantage, the robot can dodge attacks
  • There was a new weapon called Ballista and Flux. Try a new arsenal right in the battle.
  • Update 3.8 is special, as War Robots celebrates 4 years. For 4 years, developers have surprised us with their work. Join the fans of the War Robots game and get nice prizes and wonderful bonuses
  • There was a new game mode “Snap”, as well as the “Against All” mode. Check your fighting skills and abilities, try out new modes.
  • There was a new currency for WR Royale, a currency in the form of tokens.


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