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Update 3.7 for War Robots

Friends! Actual update for today 3.6. You can download it here. But as developers say in the near future will be available a new, and mega interesting update 3.7. Are you interested in? We can not say the exact date yet (follow the news), but we know for sure that update 3.7 will be released in early March.

At the moment, developers are doing a rebalancing on a test server, so that in a new patch, players do not run into the problem of the advantages of one weapon over another. Therefore, in the future patch primarily the author will rebalance weapons. Rebalancing is not the only change.

What’s new in update 3.7 for War Robots

  • Zoom in / out

The main essence of this action is to make your damage stronger and more accurate if you approach your enemy. That is, the closer you are to the enemy, the stronger your damage and the higher the accuracy. Just imagine the damage will increase by 250%, and accuracy to 170%.

This innovation will be available in update 3.7, but will not end there. Developers are likely to extend this feature to patch 3.8 so that it can be thoroughly improved and made unique and perfect.

  • Increase weapon damage Hammer (+ 10%)

Of the entire group of classic autocannons, the Hammer is the only one that still has some bugs. Therefore, in update 3.7, it was decided to fix it and slightly improve the characteristics of this weapon.

  • Increase StormGust and Storm damage (+ 10%)

The guns Gust and Storm had a good start, but they were both suppressed by other options. Especially Storm: in the middle class, it is completely suppressed by other weapons, such as Orkan and Shocktrain. Therefore, the developers decided to fix these weapons.

  • New Characteristics of the Redeemer Weapon (Redeeme)

Another bad newbie. For a heavy weapon of this caliber, the Redeemer looked impressive enough, but in fact, could not compete with other weapons. Therefore, the best changes are expected in this update.

  • New characteristics of Shocktrain. More recharge time, less damage

Balancing the Shocktrain is a challenge in itself. On the one hand, developers have to redesign the characteristics of this weapon, since it has obvious advantages over others and this is not fair to other players. But on the other side the author War Robots do not want that interest in this weapon was lost.

So what to do? The developers decided to increase the maximum number of charges Shocktrain, now it can hold from 5 to 7, but the damage (damage) for each charge will be proportionately reduced. To hit with the same force, you will have to work longer.

This approach maintains the right balance: Shocktrain users can still feel the power of the weapon, but their shots will be less powerful, thus leaving more opportunities for other players.

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