Top 5 best robots for melee battle

Hello! Today we will talk about the 5 best melee robots you will need in the champion league at the highest levels of the game. But most importantly, we’ll look at the most efficient assemblies for these robots.

What means a melee robot?

Each player in the champion league must have 2 hangars. One hangar for melee robots. These are the maps: carrier, dreadnought, valley, moon, powerplant, shenzhen, dead city, and Rome. The second hangar for robots ranged, well, about this another time.

Top 5 of the best melee robots WR

  • At the fifth place robot Bulwark

This robot has both a physical and an energy shield, which allows him to feel good in close combat. Effective assemblies: on missiles – exodus

  • At 4th place robot Bulgasari

His physical shield, high maneuverability, as well as a large number of HP allows him to perfectly feel at short distances. Effective assemblies: on arkans, Bulgasari on the road, Boulgasari on scorpions or whips, and the last assembly on rams.

  • In 3rd place robot Inquisitor

His unique ability is a leap, through which he disappears from the enemy’s sight, making him an incredibly dangerous opponent in the short range. The first effective assembly is a ram with a flamethrower, another top assembly of this robot arkan with exodus.

  • On the 2nd place robot Haechi

Incredibly maneuverable has 2 accelerations, reboots very quickly, plus an energy shield that allows this robot to deserve to take the second place in our list of the best melee robots. Effective assembly: three lassoes, on three rams.

  • At 1 place the robot Specter

His incredible speed of movement on the battlefield, plus a jump in which he disappears from sight, plus 4 medium guns allows this robot to take first place in our ranking. Effective assemblies: on vortex, on drabash, on a lap.

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