The update 4.0.0 for War Robots

June 21st, a new version of the game War Robots. The current version of the game is 4.0.0. As demonstrated on the test server, the developers made many interesting innovations and useful changes. For example:

  • There were two new robots: Weyland and Mender. These robots are completely different from all the previous ones and are available in the game. Thanks to these robots, you can provide real support to your allies in battle, and still get your points earned.
  • Added a new feature – boosters. Thanks to boosters you can get a bonus to the power on the battlefield.
  • There was a new map called Rome. Experience a new battleground
  • There was a new weapon – Chimera. Slightly more than Spiral
  • There was a new machine gun on the heavy slot. Meet Avenger
  • A new event has appeared. Prepare for the Star Invasion


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