The new mode for War Robots

War Robots celebrates its 4th anniversary in the mobile games market. Festive events have already begun, so players can get nice prizes and very generous bonuses that can be pleasantly and most importantly useful to spend.

The game introduces a special currency, called royal tokens so naturally they can be use only robots royal, to buy either a robot or weapons to it. The prices for robots will be different, but you can easily make money to buy them.

The new War Robots birthday event

  • Win two battles and win 10,000 tokens. Hurry up the game time is limited.
  • The new style of game.

Now several popular robots get completely new and very bright colors. Buy these colors you cannot be expensive for the same tokens.

  • The new mode of battle
  • The battle mode “Against all”

About all these events and modes you can learn from the video below.

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