Test Server Update 5.1 for War Robots

In May, an update is expected for War Robots version 5.1. When exactly the update will be released is not yet known, but as a rule it happens at the end of the month, so we should expect a new update for WR will be from 25th to 30th of May.

Today, it is precisely known what changes in the game will occur with the upcoming update, we offer a list of innovations and changes in War Robots 5.1, also you can see the video from the test server of patch 5.1.

Changes in update 5.1 for WR

  • The pilots

Soon there will be a whole squad of pilots in the game. Pilots can be hired at the training center. Each pilot gives your robots or guns new skills due to their features. As long as the pilots fight they gain experience. With each level, their skills become stronger. When you upgrade your skills to the full, the pilot will receive a rank and a new skill.

Pilots are of two types: regular and legendary. Pumping through the pilots you will learn more information about them and in the world in which they grew up. For more information about the first pilots and new features of the future version, see the video below.

Test server update 5.1 for WR

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