download Test Server Update 5.0 for War Robots

Test Server Update 5.0 for War Robots

Hello! Commanders are ready to see and get acquainted with all the updates and changes in War Robots in advance? Then we invite you to the test server, where you can see the first changes. For those who do not know, we will remind you that in April the developers of War Robots celebrate the anniversary of the game, more precisely 5 years after the release of War Robots to the Internet. Especially for this event, the developers decided not just to please the fans, but really they would be surprised by the innovations and global changes in the game.

What is new War Robots 5.0?

  • The pilots

Perhaps the most global innovation is the appearance of pilots. Only 5 commanders who will be excellent pilots of your combat vehicles. More details about the pilots can be here.

  • Hangar

Of course the first thing that catches the eye is the change in the hangar. Normal and standard hangar suddenly turned into an intergalactic hangar, the hangar is clearly from a different universe. Sure such changes will appeal to players and fans of War Robots. If the robot is destroyed, the pilot automatically catapults and returns to the hangar. Then, new robots are offered to your attention, and you are rushing back into battle.

  • Change in recovery of HP

The new update will dramatically change the time of recovery of HP. For example, the recovery time is 3 seconds, the recharge is 20 seconds, the treatment is 20% (previously there were only 5%).

The link to download Test Server 5.0 for WR

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