Review update War Robots 4.3. Equipment rebalance

You can play War Robots differently and the new Workshop has created all the necessary conditions for this. You choose which robots and weapons to assemble and set up the hangar for yourself. The current task is to make each of your choices meaningful. The developers are well aware and fiercely fight against the fact that much of your weapons are lying around.

Update 4.3 will bring a big rebalance, which should fix it. You will find the full list of changes in this link. And in this video, we’ll talk about the reasons for these changes. Objectives of rebalancing:

  • To weaken super-strong content

In the high leagues, fast assemblies with great damage prevail. This primarily applies to Specter, Bulgasari, Haechi, Shocktrain, Scourge, and Orkan.

They are good in everything, and the rest of the content exists in their shadow. For a long time, the players asked them to weaken. So the developers decided to listen to the requests of many players. This decision was given to them uneasy, as many players have invested enough in this armament for quite a lot of time and effort.

But this does not mean that they are no longer effective. The developers decided to leave them strong and worthy and give more freedom to other assemblies, diversifying yours in combat. In the long term, this should positively affect the high-level game.

  • More team assemblies

To stimulate the team game, the developers decided to strengthen Weyland, Bulwark and Mender. Lancelot, Fury and Natasha will also become a little stronger, and the Ancile and ECU boards will receive additional strength. This should spur you to unite and protect each other, instead of constantly chasing the killings.

  • Freshen heavy weapons

Despite the presence of a large number of powerful cannons for heavy slots, not all robots can effectively use them. How will this be fixed? As we have already said, Weyland, Bulwar and Fury will be strengthened. But that is not all.
Carnage, for example, will also become stronger. Ember, Nashorn, Redeemer and Exodus will receive additional damage. And the biggest change is waiting for Falcon. For more details about all this, see the video below.

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