Release update 3.7.1 for War Robots

On March 13th was an update 3.7.0 for War Robots, but just two days later the developers released a new micro patch under version 3.7.1, which is still relevant today.

What’s new in update 3.7.1 for WR

  • Added new fighting awards called Honor Points. Open containers and get resources.
  • A new weapon was added under the name Ion, Thermite
  • Three new robots were added: Pursuer, Mercury, Hellburner
  • Weapon characteristics changes:
  • Shocktrain. The number of shells increased, the damage from the projectile decreased.
  • Scourge. Maximum damage increased, minimal damage reduced
  • Redeemer. Increased the rate of fire, decreased damage, the number of shells increased
  • In weapons called Molot, Gust, Storm, damage increased by 10 percent


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