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We remind with the release of the anniversary version of the game 5.0, the developers have implemented one of the most long-awaited and at the same time unexpected features. We are talking about the pilots in War Robots. Beginning with update 5.0, players probably noticed the possibility of adding pilots to their robots. To add a pilot, simply select the character you are interested in and attach it to a specific robot. If at first glance it seems that everything is easy and simple, then this is not at all the case.

Features pilots in War Robots

  • Characters

Currently 6 characters are available: 3 of them are male and 3 are female.

  • Skills

Each character has a certain skill, so each pilot is special and important in battle.

  • Rank increase

There is a possibility of raising the level and, accordingly, the rank of your pilot. This action makes it possible to change the skills of the pilot for the better

  • Retraining

The pilot can only learn the skill for the robot and weapon he uses (about 20 skills). All this you can change and select the desired option.

  • Training

When you increase the level of the pilot, there is an additional opportunity for training, where you can choose and train your pilot in any skill.

You can learn about all the features and features of the pilots in the video below.

 Video review of pilots in War Robots

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