Pantheon in War Robots 4.5

Beat them harder – they hit you harder in response. Pantheon enters the battlefield.

The ability of new robots Pantheon

Absorber is an impenetrable barrier that lasts for a few seconds. The more damage you take with Absorber, the more damage you do with built-in weapons. Absorber will allow you to flip the game with skillful use.
Game process

Nemesis is armed with 2 medium slots. In addition to the rocket launchers, which temporarily unfold after the expiration of Absorber. Nemesis – the slowest, but the largest robot of the Pantheon. Perhaps this is not the most deadly robot, but it is extremely difficult to kill him. Justice is not so easy to destroy, after all.

Hades has 2 light and 1 heavy equipment slot. His built-in weapon deals gunshot damage. With such a balance between survival and firepower, do not try to take it to the middle variety. Not as bright as the next robot, Hades can succeed, even if something goes terribly wrong

Ares has 2 light and 2 medium slots. His majestic tentacles do serious energy damage. The fastest, but the most fragile of the Pantheon. High risk, high reward. This is the style of the real god of war.

Weakness Pantheon robots

  • Robots of the Pantheon look godlike – but they are not invincible. When Absorber is inactive, Ares and Hades protection is reduced to zero.
  • Another weakness of the Pantheon is the lack of upward mobility. If you certainly do not consider falling as a bag of potatoes mobility.
  • Finally, the ability of the Pantheon makes them the best fighters at close and medium distances of the battle. You will rarely see them with ranged equipment, so try to fire from a distance. You can also enter the Absorber dome and shoot at close range.

Robot Review Pantheon

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