WR on PC

War Robots or as it is also called Walking War Robots (WWR) – one of the best shooters in 2018. The game is designed in the style of a mechanical simulator (a mechanical simulator is a special genre of computer games that is dedicated to simulating fictional combat walkers, in our case these are robots). The graphics of the game are surprising, the possibilities are amazing. Here you will find a new world, a new reality.

The developers used all the most popular and trend features. For example, multi-user mode. This mode enjoys immense popularity and love from gamers. Play a few fights in the company of friends, what could be better? The game War Robots provides such an opportunity.

The game with live players in real time – another feature that is in great demand from the players. Fight with an opponent from any country and become a winner.

To expand the possibilities for their fans, the developers added the function “Create Clan”. Do you feel like a captain, a leader who will be able to bring his team to the rating table? Then create your own clan and type only those players that you think will be the best. Or join one of the best clans.

Install War Robots on PC

The ability to create a clan betrays the game is not only unique but also expands the possibilities. War Robots – this is a strategic game that would win one power here is not enough. Cunning, agility, strategy, a clear plan – that’s what is needed here. Therefore, having your own clan, you will be able to make your own, successful strategies, plans, tactics.

War Robots – a mobile game that was developed for devices based on Android and iOS. Despite the fact that there are smartphones for everyone, not all players like to fight using a small screen resolution. It is much more convenient to arrange a real battle on a familiar and comfortable PC. Today, more and more players are looking for the opportunity to port mobile games to their home computer.

The game War Robots is no exception. Especially for players who wish to host a battle on their PC, we offer some useful tips and detailed instructions.

There are two ways to launch War Robots on a PC:

  • using the Facebook Gameroom platform
  • using a NOX emulator

Launching War Robots use the Facebook Gameroom Platform

Gameroom is a free application developed specifically for games on stationary computers (PC). In this application, you can find your favorite games and start playing them, but already through the PC on Windows. Shooters, strategies, building simulators, bingo and other games of different genres can be found in the Gameroom app.

Until recently, War Robots was not included in the list of games located in the Gameroom. But now this situation has changed. Now fans of War Robots can enjoy playing game on their computers.

In November 2018, Gameroom was introduced to Facebook, so at the moment Facebook Gameroom is a native client for the Windows operating system family, available for free download to players from all over the world, if necessary, developers promise support on Mac and Linux.

Important! If you play through the Facebook Gameroom, remember to play the same players on the PC against you. The ability to create a clan or platoon while not playing on the PC. In the future, this problem will be solved.

Launching War Robots use NOX emulator

In order to play a mobile game on a stationary PC, there are several programs, so-called emulators. Especially for fans of War Robots, we found the best emulator. We mean the NOX program.

Thanks to this emulator the game works perfectly. NOX has a lot of control settings that the player was comfortable and enjoyable to play. Features and capabilities NOX:

  • The program has a convenient interface
  • It is possible to connect the joystick and gamepad settings
  • There is a lot of important video recording function
  • The program runs fast and uses little RAM
  • Thanks to the convenient control setting, you can arrange keys for playing in a way that is convenient for you

In more detail about the program, and most importantly about how to properly place all the keys that would be in combat in one move, you immediately activated several weapons you will see in the video below. The author describes in detail what kind of keys to choose weapons and other ammunition. Gives useful advice for beginners, and also describes in detail the process of porting a game from Android on a PC. Good luck in the battle.

Additional video How to install War Robots on PC