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New weapons Shredder and Pulsar in War Robots 4.1

Already is testing a new version of War Robots 4.1. As the developers said, they prepared for the players a very nice gift: a new weapon with new capabilities. If you think that the new weapon has a new power, then you are mistaken, and we have that confirmation.

Features of the new weapons Shredder and Pulsar in War Robots

In the future, a new weapon will appear with unprecedented characteristics. The new weapon is called Shredder and Pulsar. If you think that it will be super powerful, then it is not true. This weapon will not cause much damage, and neither is its essence. The thing is that the new weapons will have unique features that can change the course of the game even without a superpower.

Shredder Features

Shredder – automatic weapons with a wide range, an easy slot. Shredder is best suited for melee because it shoots short bursts and can inflict energy damage despite the barriers.

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Characteristics of Pulsar

This type of weapon is best suited for firing at a distance. Thanks to him you can strike with a safe place.

But still, the main question remains: what is their feature? These two kinds of the weapon possess unique ability – to immobilize the enemy. Yes, it’s immobilized. It means, after a shot at your opponent you will have a chance to slow down his mobility. Thus, while the enemy is frozen, you will be able to complete that you have been begun. Impressive ability, is not it?

But everything is not so simple. If you think that with the release of a new update everyone will start to “freeze” each other, it is not so. The developers of War Robots specifically decided to complicate this process. Therefore, to immobilize your opponent with a new weapon you will have to:

  • use the whole store for the enemy
  • improve your weapons

The more guns and shells, the more likely that you will get to immobilize the enemy. For example, three Shredder or Pulsar at level 8, as well as the devastation of the store – almost guaranteed by immobilized enemies.

Important! The game was interesting and unpredictable, the developers made one amendment – immunity. That is, every time if you become a “victim” of the immobilization effect, you lose the ability to move for a while, then you also gain immunity to the same effect. Therefore, perhaps with time you will develop a full immunity to the action of these weapons.

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