New robots in War Robots 4.7. Ao Jun, Ao Guang, Ao Qin.

Red, green, white … In the legends they are called kings of the seas. In War Robots, they dominate the air. This is a new review of military robots involving Ao Qin, Ao Guang and Ao Jun. Dragons enter the battlefield

Game process

The ability of the Dragons allows them to fly. You can get anywhere quickly with a great sense of control. And that is not all. When the Dragons are at maximum height, they activate an additional weapon that continues to fire when there is an enemy within range.

The battle characteristics of Ao Qin

Ao Qin has a long-range energy beam, Ao Jun boasts a heavy flamethrower for close combat, Ao Guang is equipped with self-guided missiles for medium-range skirmishes. Let’s talk more about each of them.

Red Ao Qin – the most affordable new robot for the middle leagues. It is also a fairly versatile robot. Ao Qin can be a powerful dragon with Gust, Halo, and new Blaze weapons, or in a medium range skirmish. Great range and excellent speed help. Ao Qin stay in the top league where he can become nasty mobile snipers.

The battle characteristics of Ao Guang

Green Ao Guang is the most reliable Dragon. During the flight, it takes much less damage from all sources – you are not invincible, but you can certainly strike.

Just do not forget that you are quite vulnerable on earth. Use medium-range weapons, such as a Shocktrain or Pulsar, to avoid danger and cause tons of damage.

The battle characteristics of Ao Jun

White Ao Jun – knows all about high-risk risky attacks. He has a flamethrower that is great for close combat. In addition, Ao Jun is hidden with Stealth during the flight.

This allows Ao Jun to safely approach the enemy and use all his firepower. Just be aware of your enemies with the help of the Quantum Radar module – in skillful hands, he confronts Stealth really well.

Already, literally, you yourself will be able to experience each of these robots in practice and find your invincible robot. Update 4.7 for WR will be available January 31st. You can download it here.

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