New robot Falcon in War Robots

Friends, today we on the server will test a new robot called Falcon. The new robot Falcon is a unique robot that combines a good mobility of the game and heavy weapon slots. His ability allows him to wait for the right moment and bring down to the enemy power of three heavy guns. In the main mode, all damage done to the robot is reduced by 66 percent, but only one gun can be fired.

What does it mean? So you shoot one gun at 33 percent, and basically in the mode of one hundred percent, but then two guns go back, so it decreases by 66 percent. When the ability is activated, the robot jumps up and goes into the attacking mode.

In the attacking mode, two additional heavy slots are activated at work, but it loses resistance to damage. That is, his defense goes back and on it begins to pass energy weapons as for Griffin for example.

The duration of the attacking mode during the flight and 5 seconds after the landing. Characteristics:

  • level – 8
  • strength – 5
  • speed 44 km/year
  • resistance to damage of 66%
  • duration of abilities 5 seconds
  • recharge ability 15 seconds

More details about this robot and its visions in battle you can learn from the video below.

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