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New Pulsar features for War Robots

On the test server, there were new changes to one weapon called Pulsar. Recall

Pulsar is an energy autocannon, it does not have power, it is effective for long range battle, but it has one important feature – immobilizing an enemy when hit

The players would not get obvious advantages over other players, the developers decided to make some changes, as well as reduce the chance to immobilize the enemy. About this feature of Pulsar, we reported earlier, well, now let’s get acquainted with the changes. See the full list below.

  • reduced damage
  • rate of fire increased
  • ammunition is increased
  • chance of immobilization reduced
  • increased accuracy

At level 8, the weapon will have the following characteristics:

  • damage – 870
  • range – 600m
  • Rate of fire – 4 shots per second
  • ammunition – 24 rounds
  • recharge time – 5 seconds
  • a chance to immobilize – 4.8%
  • duration of immobilization – 5 seconds

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