New map “Castle” in War Robots 4.4

Commanders! We have great news for you. Today, developers have shared information about the innovations that await us in the new update of War Robots under version 4.4. Recall the release of the update is scheduled for October 25th.

Today we will tell you and most importantly show one of the most important and most interesting innovations in this patch, this is a new map. With the release of patch 4.4, a new map called “The Castle” will be added to the game. The castle is an interesting location in the old style. The map itself is an ancient city, which is hidden in the gorge of the mountains. Mountains from different sides “hid” the city and because of this it went unnoticed. But, the war robot has spread everywhere and this place is no exception.

On the map you will find many ancient castles, towers, as well as several huge sculptures in the form of knights who guard the city. All these facilities can be used as shelter sites. Buildings, castles and knights are not the only map feature. Map Castle consists of two parts, in order to move from one part of the map to another, your robot will have to cross special bridges or just jump in the air for a great distance. Be careful with this.

Video review new map “Castle” for War Robots 4.4

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