New map “Carrier” for War Robots 3.7.0

As we reported in March will be released a new version of the War Robots 3.7.0 game. We do not yet know the exact date, but we know for sure about all the changes and innovations in this update. One of the additions will be a new map called “Carrier”. Previously, the developers claimed that the map will appear in War Robots 3.7.0, but literally, today announced that they are preparing to release a new location for patch 3.8.

What’s so special about this map?

This map is significantly different from all the previous ones in the game. For example, take Yamantau – a large map with a huge number of open places where all the lighthouses are basically assembled in one place, near the base, if we take the Carrier map, here the picture is fundamentally different, despite the fact that the maps have the same size.

Firstly, thanks to the evenly located beacons throughout the map, this location does not seem so huge and deserted. The player always knows where to go and what to do. Since the lighthouses are scattered throughout the map – this provides quite a different tactical opportunity for the player.

How to play on the map Carrier?

What tactic is best to do everything? How to succeed on the new map? So, as we can see in the video below, from the first minutes of the battle on the map a real fierce battle will begin. For example, the central lighthouse is the place where the most violent collisions occur. Getting there is very easy, but be careful, this zone is open, which gives snipers a great chance to destroy you.

There are also ways to get around the center, sneak into the opposite base. In addition, you can capture home enemy beacons without sniping – there is a special tunnel under the main deck where you can hide. Use the “Beacon Rush” mode and make real sabotage.

New features in the map Carrier?

The new gameplay is not all that the developers have prepared for us. The main feature of the new location is the water landscape. On the map there wi, l be water, but not just water, the whole ocean. The ship will be located in the middle of the ocean and everywhere water and a magnificent sunset.

But we hurry to warn you, water is not a beautiful visualization of the picture, it is a real danger. The developers intend not to put barriers to the players, so if some robot falls a fence and is in the water – he will die.

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