Innovations War Robots 4.4. What will change in the game?

According to the WR team, starting with update 4.4, global changes are coming in the game. The fact is that several recent patches the developers releasing new updates were based solely on the opinions of the players. Thus, a new Workshop was released, rebalancing of the controversial weapons was made, a rebalance of individual robots was made and the queues of modes were separated.

But unfortunately, not all ideas were embodied as it was conceived and some changes were fatal to the game. For example, the new Workshop greatly influenced the economy of the game. To avoid the negative impact of the Workshop, the developers made changes to its work. Thus, starting from update 4.3.1, major changes will occur in the Workshop:

  • The new equipment will appear 2 months after the patch is released.
  • The production time of parts will increase

Thus, these improvements to the Workshop have already taken effect.

What’s new in patch 4.4 for War Robots

  • The situation will change with separate queues of modes
  • The developers plan to reduce the number of unequal fights, as well as to finalize the system for the selection of players
  • An extremely important question remains with unfair play. Developers plan to pay special attention to this situation.
  • A change will appear with the speed of improving equipment
  • These changes are not the only ones that will appear in the new patch. Follow the news and you will be the first to keep abreast of all events with regards to War Robots

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