War Robots – it is a real war. There are no rules, the main thing is to destroy the enemy by anyway. Join the ranks of iron warriors, play a battle and you will understand what is the battleĀ to the death. There are no restrictions, the main tactic is a good strategy, here it will definitely be needed. War Robots opens before the player a new, exciting world of impressions and emotions. You will not have to miss here. The game is very dynamic and completely unpredictable.

Just imagine you are in a new world where the enemy wants to get your base. All you need to save your points and capture the enemy’s control points. The battle will be completed in two cases:

  • first – you have captured all the points of opponents
  • second – you destroyed all the enemy robots

The last version of War Robots

Only one of the above reasons can stop the fight ahead of time. By the way, the battle lasts for 10 minutes. As you can see, the battle is not long, but very intense and active.

Another advantage of the game is the ability to modify your robot. Today, the developers of War Robots offer 31 combat vehicles, but with each new update, this number increases. All these machines can easily and simply be improved with weapons and other military ammunition.

In the store, you can purchase a special weapon with which you can upgrade your robot and it will receive new characteristics. Thus, you can improve the armor, make more powerful weapons, increase the speed of your robot and much more.

Download War Robots for free

What could be better than playing with real players, real people? War Robots – provides such an opportunity. Here you will fight with players from all over the world, from different continents. Who will you meet here, no one knows: a professional or a beginner. It all depends on luck.

Another aspect that we should be noted, the game has a fairly large number of maps. All locations are different, so you will not have feeling that everything is repeated. The game War Robots really can impress you and will betray new emotions for any gamer.