Cheats / Hacking apk for War Robots

Not all War Robots players can boast good results and victories. Some of them do not have enough skill, some tactics, and some do not want to spend their time to improve their results and skills in battle. If you belong to this category of players, you will certainly be interested in the “help” offer.

Cheats or a so called hacking apk file is an opportunity for a player to bypass the rules and official permissions in the game. People who choose this path for themselves are called cheaters and, frankly, do not enjoy much respect from other gamers, since they are much easier to win and achieve high results than other gamers.

Cheats for War Robots

There are all sorts of cheats. Cheats that help win the game (mods and codes that give one player a significant advantage in battle over others). As well as cheats that improve the gameplay, but it does not particularly affect the outcome of the battle. As for the cheats for War Robots, the second option is rather presented here.

Important! To activate the code, simply enter it and it is activated.

We present to your attention 10 sets of different code, each of which allows you to hack the game and make an in-game purchase, but completely FREE. That is, as soon as you enter the code, you can make this or that purchase without having cash in the account. Things that previously stood at $ 0.99 or $ 49.99, will now appear in your use without the means spent on their purchase.

Cheats / Hacking APK War Robots for Android

  • Small box of flakes – MQ_TQOCuFzXlg
  • Resources starter-pack – SA_iPiP6ItS1t
  • 500 pieces of gold bullions – ST_eDiZJiy8q9
  • Small box of coins – DF_ouCHKnsRBa
  • 2500 pieces of gold bullions – XQ_e0JruUS8cc
  • Premium Gold – HL_v8oaj1HtXz
  • 6500 pieces of gold bullions – FA_0itL5fFRGE
  • Small box of pumpkins – UB_s2HyaKMmpH
  • 1200 pieces of gold bullions – RU_Ad02gkRqPQ
  • Big box of coins – NB_0ccaZVWLhO

Cheats / Hacking APK War Robots on iOS

  • 500 pieces of gold bullions – MQ_nLAfdAAApw
  • Resources starter-pack – JN_fcJPwB83Ou
  • 6500 pieces of gold bullions – FS_I4cS5gWIop
  • Small box of flakes – YC_acfnlhiC5J
  • Small box of pumpkins – HC_lYdTlfMKXY
  • Premium Gold – MM_Hdec99jEnj
  • Small box of coins – KS_r90UCbutyq
  • 2500 pieces of gold bullions – ON_VniuKO7hxD
  • Big box of coins – HZ_YVAKxSK4zS
  • 1200 pieces of gold bullions – LF_Eds1E4D0uo

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