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Many experts say that War Robots successfully resembles one of the cult games of World of Tanks. Let’s see. For already 8 years, WoT has successfully held the position of the leader of games in its kind of genre. All thanks to some features that the developers have installed in the game. Just want to say that all these features are present in War Robots. For example:

  • Like in WoT, WR acquaintance with the technique (robots) begins with the hangar. Here you will become acquainted with all the characteristics and parameters that this robot possesses. Here you can improve its performance with weapons
  • Like in WoT, War Robots is a team game. Players will fight six people in each team. It is a mobile game, the fighting is not long. The duration of the battle is 10 minutes.
  • Like in WoT, to win, you need to destroy the enemies or capture their bases (checkpoints), and of course to protect your own.
  • Like in WoT, in the game War Robots there is an opportunity to improve their technique. Thanks to a large selection of weapons, players can accelerate their robot, make it stronger or more powerful.
  • Like in WoT, in the game WRs there is an opportunity to create your own clan or join the already created. Thus, the game has legendary, strong and professional clans, getting into which will be a huge honor for any player.
apk mod war robots
Download hack mod game War Robots

This is not all the similarities that War Robots has. War Robots has its own features and advantages that will definitely please fans of the game. We also want to note that the popularity of the game is growing every day. All thanks to the quality work Pixonic – studio-developer and modern trends, which it adds to the game.

Hacked mod for War Robots

Today we want to offer you a mod that will greatly simplify the game and give some advantages to the player who uses it. We talk about apk mod or whatever it’s called hack mod. As you probably already guessed hacked mod – illegal and banned by developers. So be careful in using it.

Download mod

What is a hacked mod? This is a normal file that needs to be loaded into the game. After installing it,¬†this mod will change some of the game’s features. For example,

  • you get a tidy sum on the account and will be able to use it to purchase new ammunition/weapons
  • high jump. Mod will help your robots jump much higher. This way you can quickly overcome obstacles. It is important for the work of the mod to have the right ROOT.