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War Robots 6.1.0 – the best mobile third-person shooter online in 2020. War Robots – a free multiplayer simulator of military vehicles or as it is also called a mechanical simulator. In the game, you will face a battle between opponents in 6×6 mode on new and interesting maps. The game is specially designed for mobile smartphones and tablets on the IOS and Android platform.

The game was released by the famous Russian studio Pixonic in the F2P system with additional payments in April 14th, 2014. During its existence, War Robots not only lost its popularity and interest to the players, but it became even more perfect and won a real army of fans. By the end of 2017, the number of downloads of the game is 50,000,000 for the Android platform.

War Robots – the best online shooter in 2018

War Robots specifically created for the Android platform – the game is thoughtful, modern and high-quality, specifically designed for mobile devices. All robots were well made and good animated, battles are accompanied by various special effects. The only drawback is the relatively empty maps.

The plot of the game

Just imagine the future, where there are live robots and only robots. The futuristic world of robots, like Skynet from the Terminator. The main task as always is to survive and destroy the opponent. To defeat an opponent in your location more than 30 robots with unique abilities and characteristics.

War Robots does not limit the player in the choice of combat robots. Destroy the opponent you can not only standard, basic robot, but also the developers provide an opportunity to create their own, unique creation. You can create your own robot through a combination of weapons from other robots, such combinations can be hundreds and all of them are unique.

Combinations are not the only way to create your own robot. In the store you can buy a unique weapon that will betray the speed and power of your battle robot, making it unbeatable.

War Robots download
The best mobile game War Robots

War Robots Gameplay

War Robots – a great action, shooter, simulator of mechanical. Here the world is populated only by robots with whom it is necessary to fight for leadership. Your goal is to get to the control point located on the map using one of the many robots. To play it was more interesting and unpredictable, you can improve the iron creation with weapons. Make your robot fast, strong and powerful. All in your hands.

The game has many variations of maps with the most unpredictable and unexpected locations. To get first to the right place on the map are scattered special lighthouses, which the enemy team can capture or even hold. The team that will be able to get and capture the control points will win.

Thanks to the many modifications you can create your unique combat robot, but the victory will depend on your skills and your chosen tactics and strategy. Shoot an opponent from a distance using a huge cannon or fight at close range, face to face. What to choose, you decided.

War-Robots game
War Robots – the best mechanical simulator

On the map will fight two teams of six players in each. Each team will refer to a certain clan or league. If you want, you can create your own clan and type in the players you want. The best clan will be listed on the rating table and receive a lot of advantages and bonuses.

Important! All battles take place in real time (online) and with real players from all over the world. That is, developers use a multi-user mode, which is very popular among players. To play with real players is much more interesting and unpredictable than with bots or a written algorithm of the program.

 War Robots secrets of the game

As we already reported in the game there are several levels, as well as types of robots. For example, light, medium or heavy robots, they all have their characteristics and abilities.

  • Advice 1. If you want to get the desired control points, an easy robot is best for this mission. It moves quickly and can jump from hill to hill, but it’s easy to destroy. If you have a good team and that will be able to provide cover, then you will have an excellent chance to collect all the necessary points.
  • Advice 2. Before you go into battle, be sure to up your iron warrior.
  • Advice 3. Each robot upgrade has its expiration time, so do not miss the moment of completion this improvement, be sure to sign up for a special notice. It is very important. You can disable this message at any time.
  • Advice 4. Try your team to create tactics or strategy and play it. Such fights have every chance of winning.
All about War Robots game
War Robots – the best Android mobile game in 2018

Features of the game

War Robots is not in vain called one of the best, exciting action games based on Android, iOS, Fire OS. Due to its features and advantages, the number of fans and gamers of the military battle increases every day. What’s special about War Robots:

  • Today, in the game is available 31 robots. Each robot has its own unique abilities
  • More than 30 types of weapons that can arm their steel warriors. The variety of tools here will surprising. You are offered a standard set, as well as ballistic, energy or even plasma rockets
  • One of the main features of the game is the creation of a unique robot. How to achieve this? By combining several robots into a single, universal soldier.
  • The opportunity to join the clan and, if desired, create your own, invincible clan, where only the best players will fight. Create your clan and lead it to great victories.
  • The ability to play PvP in 6×6 mode. The main thing here is that you play with “live” players from around the world. That is, all the players here are absolutely real, and the game is online
  • Various bonuses and bonuses to the best player
  • Gorgeous 3D graphics
  • Large selection of maps

System requirements

Before downloading the game, you should make sure that your smartphone or tablet will normal with the requirements set by the developer. Otherwise, the game does not become or will always error. Often players report bugs and other errors to developers, but it’s all about the parameters that your device has. To avoid such excesses, you can get familiar with the list of parameters that your device should have.

Android version4.1+
Current version of the game6.1.0
DeveloperPIXONIC Inc.
PlatformsAndroid, iOS, Fire OS, Windows
FeaturesOnline, 3D

Download War Robots

War Robots – the best multiplayer shooter with a third-person view for mobile devices. The battles here are short but very effective. An enemy team of six players will fight vs your team (also 6 players) in real time. No bots, all players are “live”.

War Robots – very dynamic and active game. Despite the fact that the fighting is short (10 minutes), every battle here is very active and intense. To survive, the player will have to exert maximum effort and diligence. WR – this is a real war, a war of robots.

On our site you can download the current and the latest version of the War Robots game for free and without any advertising. All you need to do is go to the Download page and install the game, there you will find detailed installation instructions.